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It is really pathetic that when you see a gas sign for $2.87 a gallon and get EXCITED that it has dropped that low. Gas has been hovering around 2.95 or so around here, and to see that and actually get excited, really scares me. What has this country come too really?? The prices of everything goes up, but wages don't. I seen that congress or someone defeated a raise in the min. wage. pathetic. I know that housing around here has skyrocted to where a normal family can't afford it. If we would have waited 6 months to buy a house here, we couldn't have afforded it. There is nothing decent under 200 k now. I guess I am just frustrated at the whole thing and am venting.

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  1. Kat Says:

    I am so there with you hun, even across country and north to canada, I was so excited to see gas at $1.14 and not 1.20, and as you said housing prices have skyrocketed big time around here it's really unreal

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