7:18 AM

Well it took her all weekend, but she finally got done digging the hole. (look at the post titled ultimate sandbox and you can see where she started from)

Tailor decided she wanted to help, we needed to move some dirt from one side to the other, so i set her up with her bucket and her shovel(the small shovel for building sandcastles mind you) and she filled 5 buckets of sand and dumped it on the other side of the pool.
She was a big help but it got too hot for her, so she gave up!

We have water now. Kevin fixed the well, which wasn't dry, just needed to lower the pump in the water more. So all good now.

2 Responses to "Weekend Project"

  1. ChaCha Says:

    good job Tailor!! lmao

  2. Silver Feather Says:

    glad to hear you have water. And Tailor is sure a good helper, lol

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