8:53 AM

The start of digging the hole! Wow, what a job that was. It took all afternoon, and we ran out of room to put the dirt lol. I even got in the bobcat and helped move dirt for a couple of hours.
Kevin was covered head to toe in dirt. But the job is done, now we need to level the ground and then start the set up !

2 Responses to "Pool Progress"

  1. Silver Feather Says:

    You tore the whole pool down!!! I think that you were just doing some repairs, not starting from scratch. This looks like it is going to be a huge job, and make you enjoy your pool even more, lol.
    Love Tina

  2. Kristy Says:

    yes we did, and dug a 4 foot hole to put it in lol. it is a huge job, but it will be great when its done!!!

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