9:51 AM

House cleaning day!! yuck!!

got the family room and kitchen clean and floors washed/waxed. 2 loads of laundry done so far, and the shower scrubbed down.
Where is it that i got all this energy? And it only 11 am? Not sure. Was up until 3 am this morning.
Maybe it is the pot of coffee i sat and drank this morning lol.
I have even ran to walmart already.

Now only if i could get my daughter to pitch in and clean her room..that would be a mircale. Although she found a duster this morning and decided she was going to clean house. What does she decide to dust?? the stereo speaker in the back room that are not even hooked up to anything. And a box with floppy disks in it. Cracks me up the way kids' minds work.

Well off to do fold laundry and vaccuum the bedroom.

Gotta love the holidays.

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