time is just flying by me like there is no tomorrow!!
All i have been able to do lately is sleep, work and eat.
I am enjoying my new job, and am learning alot there.
My wrist is killing me tho, 8 hours of constant typing does that i guess!! My medical benefits have already kicked in and i will be able to sign up for my 401k next week already.
Just learned our christmas party will be at the beach at a kick ass hotel there! should be a good time.
I haven't been able to update my website lately, so haven't done any new jewelry, but am working on a new necklace, if ever i find time to finish it.
i am also working on getting a new site up on how to make hemp jewelry. but is taking longer than i wanted it to.
Still trying to catch up on bills after hurricane wilma blew threw. Probably take another month or two to catch up and anothe month to get ahead. Does it ever end?

Tailor is doing well in school. She always has a story to tell when she gets home. Sometimes she is too funny!! Growing up so fast that is for sure.

My one year old niece is walking now. I sure miss her, and sometimes wish i was back home in illinois to be a bigger part of her life. She is such a cutie pie!!! I was hoping to see her at christmas, but am not able to afford it nor take the time off work. Guess i will just have to wait until the summer.

that is about it for around here. nothing too exciting to tell!!

peace out

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