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I have been terrible lately on updating this thing. Just busy i suppose.
Yesterday i wasn't feeling well at all. I think it was the busy weekend, or stress or i dont' know.
i am soo sick and tired of stressing over money. I wonder if rich people stress over money? They probably just pay people to stress over it for them.
I am not saying money will make my world go around, but damn, i am tired of not having food to eat every week. I am not going to waste away to nothing no time soon, that is for damn sure, but i have my dad to think about and last night, i was feeling soooooooooooooooooooo guilty, cuz he didn't like what i made for supper, so he didn't eat, and i didn't have anything else to offer him. He said he just wasn't hungry but i know better.
So i am working my butt off for this small jewelry buisness of mine, and feel like it will go no where. Yeah, i had a great weekend with it, and was content, but now i am not content, and fear and regret and worry are creeping in. I am sure not being able to buy my antidepressant this week is not helping matters either. I have been without it for 4 days now, and i am feeling the effects. Maybe that is why i am soo bitchy today and was weepy last night. i just want to scream.
I watched growing up with the gottis last night and got a good laugh. victoria is soo funny sometimes. and her assistant is funny as well. ( wish i could have an assistant) Her assistant fixed her up on a blind date, and she didn't even know it lol. Then the dude he set her up with was in the movie The Godfather, no less lmao. It was soooo funny hehehe. Well at least i got a chuckle out of it.

Well i have rambled on enough i suppose for now.
peace out

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