dad is not well. i dont' know how to get him help. i am stressed. i am tired. i am nervous. i feel guilty. I know what is coming for him. I know the torment that he is going through. It kills me to see him in this state.
I would post a link to the archive post about his illness but i dont' know how to do it without posting the whole month. It is May 18th post.

Anyhow. today was a quiet day for him. I dont' think he slept last night, and took naps through out the day. I called one mental health facility for help and resources last night and they told me to call a pycho dr for an appt. No help there. kinda mad about the way he talked to me..oh well. But got ahold of NAMI here today and a gentleman there was very kind, and sorta helpful. I found out where an inpatient hospital is and about the laws ..kinds.
Laws are diff in diff states. I have dealth with 2 different states concerning mental health involuntary admission. What a heck of a mess. So now i will learn a third. The whole system is sooo screwed, and i can't believe the lack of resources a person has. Live and learn. Live and learn.
pray for a peaceful night, and peaceful morning. I may get some more answers tomorrow.

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  1. LifeMoments Says:

    Am really sorry to hear about your dad, I know how it feels to see someone you care for deeply paining and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I will remember you in my prayers and above all I pray that you have the strength to face each day as it comes.

    Ps: thanks for the comment

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