it has been a quiet week around here without my daughter. I have enjoyed the silence, but do miss her.
I talked to her dad last night on the phone, and he says...i dont' know how you do it with her? She is a wild child.. i laughed to myself. He says i have no patience with her, and when i raise my voice toher, she starts to cry. I told him, i know.
She is a very emotional child. and very hard headed and independant. I got to thinking after speaking to him, that i am glad that i am not the only one who has no patience with her. I was watching super nanny last night, and she had some good points with dealing with kids. Some of the behaviours i seen with the children on the show, reminded me of tailor. I am going to try using her suggestions on tailor when she returns home from illinois. i hope it will help.

Not much going on here today in my world. Got laundry to finish and some dishes to do. I am going to try to go through some boxes of crap and sort through it.

peace out

3 Responses to "thurdays ramblings"

  1. *~*Michelle*~* Says:

    Nothing like the shoe on the other foot to make someone appreciate all you do! Hope you get lots done today -- looks like (gasp!) more rain!

  2. The Complimenting Commenter Says:

    It's great when you don't feel you're alone. I think it's cool that you are trying to pick up pointers and improve. I hope they work. Well done.

  3. Girl, Interrupted Says:

    Have fun while you have some time to yourself. Sounds like a good idea to try the tips from the show.


    p.s. thanks for stopping by my journal.

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