9:05 AM

rain rain rain today! Got rain from TS arlene. so my plan is to stay inside lol. maybe get some more of my cross stitch done today.
Yesterday was a good day for me. I made two more jewerly pieces, got some cross stitch done, and caught up on laundry ..yeah for me. I like it when i feel i have a productive day. I didn't get any reading done, i watched tv instead. Watched the greatest american on discovery channel. Very interesting show. I missed the ending tho, as i fell asleep. lol. they are counting down 100 greatest americans, and you can vote for who you think is the greatest. Not sure when the winner will be announced..fell asleep .

Talked to tailor last night on the phone. She was busy playing with another friend. Her dad tells me she is a wild child. I told him to not to be afraid to put her in time out. she does get out of control, and that is the only thing i have found to deter her from acting out.
Got new neighbors across the street. looks like they have a daughter tailor's age, which is sooo cool!!! can't wait to meet them, and have tailor meet their daughter as well. Another playmate for her.
Being new to the area, and not knowing a soul here, makes it hard to meet people and friends for her.

well i am off to check emails and have some more coffee.
til later

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