6:26 AM

Well ran out of coffee yesterday and forgot to go buy some. Now i am drinking weakened coffee from the grounds from yesterday lol. not too bad but i need to go get some coffee.

had a quiet day again yesterday. made some phone calls, but didn't get any help i am looking for. will try again today. *sigh*

Talked to tailor yesterday, she is ready to come home. She tells me 'i don't wanna stay here anymore, when you comin to get me?' lol...so much for i don't wanna live here, i wanna live with my dad!!!! I do miss her, and so does dad. Can't wait to see her.

Been doing some online classes for my buisness. marketing and web development classes. Boy they have really helped me, and thank God they are free lol.

not sure what is up for today. going to try to make some calls, but its saturday don't know how many offices are open today. Got to get the laundry done, and some odd and end things.

peace out

3 Responses to "saturday"

  1. Mandy Says:

    Hello Kirsty
    Thanks for visiting my blog and signing my guestbook :)

    I read through your May 18th post and that's very sad indeed, but I think you are doing a wonderful job. Try not to allow it to bring you down too much (I know that's easier said than done) hang on in there, you'll be glad you did :-)
    Mandy xx

  2. Terri Says:

    Hi Kristy: Its Terri. Glad to hear things seem to be going better!!! Praying for you and your dad!! Glad to hear to Tailor wants to come home, that has to be a relief!! Miss talking to you!! If you need anything at all, don't hestitate to ask, that is what friends are for!! :)


  3. Helena Says:

    Hello Kristy!
    Thank you for visiting The Doll House and for signing my guestbook with so kind comments! I'm having a great time visiting your blog ;)
    Have a great time!
    Helena =^.~=

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