K and i went to dinner tonight at Perkins. We were waiting to be seated and another couple just sat next to us. An older couple, He in his 70's i would guess and she in her 60's. She looks at us and giggles, and says "have you guys seen Mr and Mrs Smith?" We: No She goes on to say " we just come from there, (giggle) it was a good movie, and we are also mr and mrs smith(giggles again)." We just smiled at her listening intently..she then says" I hope no one throws a fire cracker in here, i would jump under this bench!...the movie has made me a bit jumpy, on the way over here i thought i heard gun shots! (her eyes got big) (another giggle) you guys have to go see that movie, it was very good" We got called to be seated about a minute after her lil speech, and she says when we got up to leave.." you kids be good now, and no fire crackers !! (more giggles)"
What a cute woman!!!! I hope that when i reach that age, i am able to have as much fun as she did at the movies. She made my inner child giggle with her.
Guess you just had to be there.
Dinner was good, i got an terrible headache while there, and then ate too much which made me feel worse. So i am off to bed!!!

peace out

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