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Well there is good news and there is bad news lol.
The good news is, for a whole year i have been saying i was 33 yrs old, when in fact i was only 32!! (didn't realize this til last month)
The bad news...now i AM 33! today. yep...my birthday today.
So got to thinking last night about birthday 'milestones' ..

The day i turned 16, i got up early, had my grandma(God rest her soul) pick me up, and i went and got my drivers license. Took the driving test, and of course i got the meanest lady there to evaluate me. The only thing i missed was parallel parking. When we got back to the license place, she told me that is what i missed, and i told her, that i missed that day in drivers ed. She said very snotty" well i DOUBT that" ..i didn't say anything in return cuz i wanted my license!!!! It was true tho, i never got the low down on how to parallel park, and can't do it today for that matter!!!

The day i turned 21, i was at the 90th birthday party of Harley Davidson in Wisconsin!!! THAT was a hell of a bday party!!!! A weekend i will never forget. The bikes, the drag races, the alcohol, the people, the alcohol, the drags, and more alcohol...very fun time!!!

The day i turned 30, i don't remember. I don't remember how i felt, what i did or anything. So must not have been too important for me.

So anyhow..wanted to share my 'milestones'

off to take a nap!!!

6 Responses to "Birth day"

  1. Stacie Says:

    Happy Birthday! have a great day, and even better year! :)

  2. Marci Says:

    Hey, you're still a spring chicken! I'll be 46 one month from today - man, that's almost 50!
    Hope your birthday is great, and you can REMEMBER it!
    Thanks for your comments on my site!
    ~ MARCI ~

  3. *~*Michelle*~* Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Happy Birthday! Make sure you come back to Milwaukee for Harley's 105th! :)

  5. donyell Says:

    happy birthday!

    and you are not alone...i'm in my 30's and i have to do mental math constantly to keep track of my age ;-)

  6. Kristy Says:

    i am glad i am not alone lol. thanks to you all for wishing me a happy bday :)

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