2:19 PM

I can't believe i haven't been here today yet!!! how the time flies!!

Well looks like something is up with photobucket, cuz all of my pics and graphics that are uploaded there are giving me red x's!! and i can't even get into the site!! so don't know what the heck is up.

went to tailors kindergarden assessment this morning. went well i guess. won't know the results until the fall when she starts school. Then we went to the post office, bank and to the craft store. Came home had lunch and headed out to the pool. Now i am exhausted lol. Still gotta get some laundry into the dryer and start another load, start supper, run and go pay the sitter. today has been a fast day!!

Going out tomorrow night for a 'moms' night out with some area ladies to dinner. should be fun. Need to get outta this house. My headache isn't as bad as yesterday. But am still lil crabby today.

Got some new ideas for some jewelry today also. So maybe sometime this weekend i will work on making them.

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