4:42 PM

I am still bitchy this afternoon. i even took a nap today!! must be pms.

i went to the library today and got two new books to read.

One is I know why the caged bird sings (i know a older one) but i have never read her stuff, so i thought i would try
and the other is

The Rising ~~ i have read all the left behind books and this is the new one that is out.

i am in a book challenge on SSM, which i am glad for, cuz it is keeping me reading :) The challenge is to read 100 books this year, which i doubt i will make, but i am having fun trying.

well am off here for now. not feeling well this evening along with being bitchy

til tomorrow

2 Responses to "psm overload"

  1. LifeMoments Says:

    Try coffee, plenty of sugar or blackforest cake with lots of vanila.....it works

  2. Kristy Says:

    i will try that!! thanks

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