10:46 AM

holy crap this day is going fast. worked all morning doing some new jewelry and none of it turned out, so angry at myself. So will have to start over. maybe this jewelry selling isn't for me. I love to sit and make stuff but get discouraged when the stuff doesn't turn out as i picture it in my head. I think i need a nap, am very grouchy today. and sitting all morning working on that stuff, and it not turning out so i can get it up on my site to sell didn't help matters either!!!

my car insurance went down this month woohoo. went down about 9 dollars a month! bout time it goes down. now just wish my house insurance would go down, lol but i doubt it!!!!!!!!!! aah well, insurance is a scam anyhow. they want you to pay into it up the butt, but when it is time for them to pay out...it is like pulling teeth!!

well am outta here, gonna go read the rest of my book and take a nap i think.
til later

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