10:08 AM

well i was up from 2 am til 5 with tailor last night. she got up feeling sick. then i finally got back to bed and got up at 10 so much for a good nites sleep
lil tired and lil grouchy today.
got housework and yard work to get caught up yeah fun

going to the air show tomorrow at the beach. blue angels are suppose to be there i guess. a way to get away from the house for a bit i guess.

finally got my website functionable for now. some things i wanna change, but for now it works. so..good luck to me :D

well am off to outside to clean the pool

til later

2 Responses to "morning"

  1. ChandosJoy Says:

    Your macrame site is awesome! You're very creative!!


  2. Kristy Says:

    Thank you CJ!!!! Glad you liked it

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