there are reasons in life a person keeps to themselves.
a reason that a person doesn't share things with whom they should
a reason for everything that happens in life

i hate when people think that they are a know it all. and think everyone is below them. some people do have feelings. although some people DONT
are feelings meant to be hurt and stepped on all the time. some people wonder why you stay away
stuck on themselves peeps, make me fucking sick to my stomach
those who think that their shit doesn't stink really makes me fucking sick

i love to blend into the backround and take things in
those who speak first without knowledge don't have a fucking clue about anything in this world. even if they THINK they know it ALL

a reason for privacy
a scale of the unknown
those who dont' hear, pity on you
those who speak with a brash tongue, pity on you
those whos minds are knowledgeful of NOTHING pity on you!!

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