Wow, i didn't even post in here yesterday!! It was a stange day anyhow. was up at 4:30 am..same with today. Took a nap then messed around here at the house. Was grumpy yesterday for some unknown reason.

Not sure what today will bring. I don't know why i am up so early again. Drank a pot of coffee already!!! Maybe it is the quiet time i enjoy. I like to be alone but not all the time. Early mornings seem to relax me, but then i am soo tired by mid morning, i don't think i can function. Maybe i am suppose to be a loner in life, but then again, God gave me a child, so that puts that theory to rest. Who knows. and my mood lately is going wild. didn't really realize it til kevin said something to me bout it. Not sure why i snap when i get angry. But instead of staying angry, i force myself to forget it and move on. strange. I am tired of being angry all the time, and tired of being tired all the time also. been that way for most my life tho. Except for when i lost alot of weight. That is probably my problem , being severly overweight. The only time i felt good in life is when i was at a 'normal' weight. But 99% of my life i have been fat. My destiny i guess..get over it and move on. i am 32, if i am not at a normal weight by now, i will never be.

got my mommy's day gift early yesterday. Got a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses!!! i love it. it is really beautiful. Got some chocolate..yummy, a float for the pool and a balloon. The cutest card from tailor and a very loving card from kevin. I am lucky to have him in my life. he loves me so.

outta here for now

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