3:53 PM

I am grouchy today. the rain spoiled the whole day. went out for breakfast this morning then came home and took a nap, woke up all pissy.

waiting for kevin to come home, so we can get supper going. no food in the house. not sure what to have. need to get to the grocery. i hate that more than anything. *note to self* when i get rich, (HA) hire a person to run and get groceries for me.
yep, in a pissy mood.
didn't read today
didn't do any crossstitch
did do a load of dishes tho
did get pics of my braclets to upload
need to get them online, and get this shit going
i don't like how photobucket puts them on blogger
will go look at the other site i was told about. cant remember the name at the moment.

gotta go kev is home

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