5:42 PM

What a long day. Actually it was a relaxing day for me, but long one. Tailor was gone all day, and i..relaxed. Read some, surfed the web some, worked on my blogs some, did some cross stitch, and took a nap. Seems like the day has dragged on..not sure why???? did 3 loads of laundry also.

got the bills paid tonight also, need to go mail them in the morning. Along with some mommy day's gift from a gift exchange that i am in.

got some more chatter out of dad today also. got him talking about his home and family when he was little. That was something, growing up, that was never discussed..never. So it was interesting learning bout his past and a family i barely know. I am doing my geneology, just cuz of my curiousity of his side of the family..and i have learned alot, but it is the personal stories that i don't have, so as long as he is in 'chatter' mode, i am gonna get what i can get. He was born and raised in the southeastern Kentucky Hills..not too awful far from where Loretta Lynn was raised.

anyhow..that is my day, not too exciting that is for sure

til tomorrow

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