11:27 PM

Another holiday season past, thank goodness.
This one harder than the last. Trying to survive, trying to stay afloat, is not easy these days.

Another year ahead, one can only hope for better. Of course the outlook doesn't seem very bright. Time can only tell.

Been a long but short year here. Met a few new friends that I am grateful for.
A renewed interest in writing poetry again. It comes and goes, but at least it comes sometimes. Been years since I had wrote. Feels good to be able to get it out again. With that, loss of interest in other stuff that I had done as well. Its gone, but maybe one day it will return as has my writing.

T is growing up fast. Now is counting down til she turns 16. She is already talking about buying a car. Doing well in school and surprising me at every turn. It'll be double digits for her next year. Hard for me to believe.

Happy New Year

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