Seems to me that ones that lie will always be found out. Why lie in the first place? I don't get it.
Its been a long year for me. Last year at this time started a whole upside down spiral that I got caught up in. Unknowing to the lying party I had already started to figure out what was going on. Of course at the time, I was in denial and couldn't believe what I was uncovering. A web of lies and untruths, started to unravel. Boy was I in for a shock!! The pain I had felt before knowing any more truth was unbearable, what else could he had been hiding. I was in for a real treat. Hiding behind user names on the computer is not a fun find once found out. I found out about affairs, lies of the heart, lies about money, lies lies lies. Past 2-4 years ( I don't know how long it really went on) nothing but lies. He found out that the computer tells all. Short snippets of what email titles are, or messaging titles are can say a lot, even if you don't know the exact content of the messages. You know that persons lingo, you know how they speak and talk. Little pieces add up to big pieces and then busted.
What did I learn? Lots. Trust is something that is EARNED. Am I trusting today? Nope. Do I have good reason not to trust? Yep. Trust is EARNED not just given freely. The only thing that will earn my trust is truth. Plain out truth. Even ONE simple little white lie will not be good enough to be brushed off. I don't care if it is about money, where you were when, who you see, who you talk to, who you think about, one little lie will not EARN trust. very powerful. Think about it

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