My new job is working with the elderly. A private duty nurse, to help in everyday needs for the elderly who don't need to go to a nursing home, but need help in their daily lives.
I love my job. I haven't said that in many many years. I really like my boss, she is really a neat person, and is not the stuffy type person that one can't get along with. She is personable, understanding and just a joy to be around!
I work with this one lady, who has traveled the world. She enjoys scrap booking, so she has a library of her adventures. How fun!
There are two sayings that I learned from her recently and I just adore them!

"To love a person, is to know the songs in their heart and sing it to them when they can not remember the songs"
That is so powerful!! and SO true!! Another one was:
"To forgive is to set a prisoner free, only to find out the prisoner was you."

How true is THAT??? Everyday I go in to see her, I learn something new. It is so enjoyable!!

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