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Happy New Year! I am glad 2007 is over. Out with the bad, in with the good.
2007 was a year that I want to forget. Or at least the first part of the year. It was the most heart wrenching, heart breaking, soul depleting, life upheaval year I have ever had in my entire life. Not only heart breaking for me but for my daughter as well. It is a good thing that kids are resilient! It is bad enough to try to heal your own heart but to heal a child's heart..it very difficult. I had no idea that one man could cause such pain and destruction in any one's life. Let alone 2 people's life.
Thank God for my brother. He was my life savor last year. If it were not for him (and ultimately his wife as well) I am not sure where I would be today. He came to my aid in most darkest hours. I had spent days in utter darkness, barely taking care of myself, let alone my daughter and my father, one night I finally broke down and called my brother. He was so worried about me, he wanted to fly down to Florida that night. But he devised a plan to take off work and come down to help me out. I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't be there for my daughter, when she was so distraught of what was happening. It took a week for him to plan to come down. I felt some relief in that week and managed every day life for my daughter. The night my brother showed up, I had all the pressure lifted off my shoulders. We sat up most of the night talking. Unknown to me, he had bigger plans for us. He talked me into coming to Illinois for awhile. He packed up dad, T, the dog and myself and he drove us all back to Illinois. A 23 hour trip. He arranged for dad to go to a nursing home, and T and I stayed at my brothers. His ultimate plan was to convince me to move back to Illinois to be near family. I agreed. A month later he once again made another trip to florida and packed up my house and moved it all to Illinois. I never again stepped foot in my dream home and state.
The healing had started and is still going on til this day. My daughter seems to have bounced back pretty well, which everyone told me that she would. A man, the only "father" figure in her life that she remembered (not her real father) had hurt her emotionally like she had never known. Shame on me for letting someone do this to my daughter. Never again.
I am not sure I will ever be gone of that hurt that I have. I know I will never forget what that man put us through, only for the fact that I will not let it happen again.
We have both moved forward the best way we know how. Meeting Joe has been good for us. T adores him so. He is good to her and treats her well, like a "father" figure is SUPPOSE to do.
For 2008 I hope that we will continue to heal and to move forward with positive influences and attitudes.
Happy New Year

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kristy i will never allow either of you to be ever hurt again and that a promise.

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