Been awhile since I have posted. Not much going on, so not much to say. Just living life.

Less than a week til turkey day and seems unreal the end of the year is near. What a hurtful, strange. life changing year it has been. Total upheaval in my household. I hope to never go through it again. Almost a year since shit started to happen. Doesn't seem that long, but it has been. Lot of lessons learned and lot of money wasted.

Went to the city's Christmas parade yesterday. Yes, yesterday. T's Christmas program is on Monday night. Why so early?? Dunno. Guess there will be nothing to do during the month of December holiday wise beings everything has to be so early. *sigh*

2 Responses to "Just Livin' Life"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well baby i will make the rest of your years happy ones.

  2. Kristy Says:

    awwww how sweet :)

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