Had a good turkey day on thurs. Been kind of a boring weekend around here. Got our Christmas tree up on Friday and T did a great job decorating it.

Friday night we all went out to eat at Olive Garden. Great food there, yummy. In the middle of dinner, out of the blue, Tailor asks me "did you have color back in your day?" Stunned, shocked and confused, I asked "WHAT????" She says, "Did u have color back in the day?" Joe and I busted out laughing. Here we go, another "back in da day" question. She so serious and inquisitive lol. There were black and white pictures hanging on the wall behind us, and I think she seen them and that is where the question came from. How do u explain where color comes from and that it has been around from day 1?
From the mind of a 8 year old!!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Its true little one can come up with some good ones lol.

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