3:39 PM

Driving to go see my dad at the nursing home last night, my lovely daughter has a serious question for me.
She says "Mom, back in your day, did you guys have cars?"
BACK IN MY DAY??????????? I didn't think I was that old. Holy Crap!!! lol.
I said, UMMMMMMMM yes dear. and what do you mean back in my day??
She giggled "well you are old" *snicker snicker* Hmmmp.

So felt like an ol' lady the rest of the night. Shoot, am only 35 but u know looking back, I guess when I was 8 I thought my mom was old too. She was only in her 30's too lol.
Really felt old when it was 9pm and I was ready to go to bed lol. Ah well. The things that come out of kids' mouth!

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