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I can see the changes of fall coming, I love it!!! Trees are turning, it is cool at night, and low low humidity!!! I DON'T miss the miserable weather of sw florida that is for sure!!! T said to me the other day that it sure isn't like florida where it is green all the time. (speaking about the trees turning colors) She said, I like it better here! I agree with her 100 %. I don't miss FL like I thought I would. Esp with all the bad memories associated with there. I have never in my life been through such a horrible time. I almost feel bad for whomever gets involved with that liar, but not really. He sucks you in and then spits you out like it is nothing, all because he is looking for the cinderella pipe dream. Relationships take work, if there is something wrong, say something and fix it, don't look somewhere else. Or get out asap. What a freaking loser. I am so happy that he is out of my life and my daughters life (as if he was in it to begin with, he acted like it, but looking back...he wasn't) I have a good man now, he treats us, both of us, with love and respect. Something the ex knew how to do. What the heck?? How in the world did I get on this subject???
Next please..............

Going to go to woodhaven this weekend and do some fishing and relaxing. Hopefully the weather will hold out and not rain. T has no school on friday or monday, so it will be a long weekend. But am sure it will be fun. :)

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