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Went to a pumpkin fall festival yesterday nearby. It was a bit on the cool side out. The high was around 65. For folks used to florida weather, that is COLD!! But I have missed the cooler weather. I so enjoy the fall and look forward to it this year now that I am back in Illinois.
The festival has a mighty big arts and crafts show! There was everything under the sun there, EXCEPT the type of jewelry I make! I think I am going to try to get involved in doing craft shows. With the only booth there with macrame jewelry, how can i go wrong??
Anyhow, was a nice day out and T enjoyed the parade as well. She got to ride a few rides and then we left.
Today my b/f is working and T stayed the night at her friends house, so she isn't home yet. So it is quiet and peaceful lol. I love these kinds of mornings :)
All have a good sunday

2 Responses to "Fall Festival"

  1. ablondeblogger Says:

    Glad you had a good time! I just went to a farm with my kids for a homeschool field trip. We got to pick apples in an apple orchard...so cool!

    I say go for it with selling your jewelry!! I bet you'd do great!

    Oh...I just realized you put my button up in your sidebar. THANK YOU!! That was so sweet of you! :)

  2. Kristy Says:

    that is neat going to an apple orchard!!!

    ur welcome for the button!

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