Alright, this year is just flying by me! Even after all the shit that happened in the begining of the year, it is flying past so fast!!!!
Registration for school is on tuesday. School starts on Aug. 16th. We have her school supplies already. I just need to get going through her clothes and see what she can wear and what she can't wear. She is not looking forward to starting school for some reason this year. I thought that didn't start until they were older, not just going into 2nd grade. sheesh.
Still trying to get settled into my apt. Been here 2 months now, and things are slowly taking shape, but still have boxes sitting around. Nowhere to put the stuff. Well actually it is stuff that goes on the walls, but don't have many walls to put everything.
I have met someone special. He is really a great guy, and tailor adores him alot. Having trouble adjusting to dating again tho, is as hard as I thought it would be too. But he is patient, and understanding which I adore. I try to remember that he is not the person who lied and hurt me deeply, that he is his own person, but it is hard at times. So unfair to him that it is that way, but I can't help it. Hopefully with time I will be completely healed from the trauma I have been through and life will be whole again. He is so good with Tailor. We are both lucky to have met him and to have him in our lives. Met him through a mutual friend. Pretty much all of my spare time has been spent with him lately.
That is what is up with me and why I haven't been here to update on my blog. Getting so bad at that lately! Hopefully I will turn it around.
I hope all my friends are doing well!! Until next time....

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