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Alright, it is July already!! Where the heck does time go?? Of course, if you would have asked me about time going by fast a few months ago, I would have said time stood still. But thank goodness I am healing and moving on from all of that!!

I am still unpacking and sorting through shit around here. I HATE moving. I like where I am living now, my neighbors are nice, and don't cause any trouble. The guy across the way from me is an older gentleman, and works all the time, in fact I have yet to even see him. The couple below me are really nice and have a young daughter. The couple across from them are an older couple and they just moved in last weekend. Haven't met them yet either. So as for now I am content here.

Job is going ummm ok I guess. It is a paycheck for now anyhow. Not much of one, but nonetheless a paycheck. People there are ok, but here there are alot of backstabbers, so was warned as to who to speak to. I guess that is like that in a lot of work places. Which is ashame. Who the hell wants to go to work and be around backstabbing, blabber mouthed people?? I know I don't. But gotta do whatcha gotta do to get by I suppose.

T will be home next friday. I miss her bunches. I got a letter from her today. Had written note with pink hearts drawn all over it. Too cute. It is hanging on the fridge. I was looking through some old pictures of her the other day, can't believe how much they change!!! wow, just amazing. Not only in looks do they change but in attitude and character. Yup i know...the attitude will change too as she grows older.


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  1. ablondeblogger Says:

    Ooooh, I hate office politics! And usually the ones who warn you are the ones you should be warned about!

    Glad you're settling in there. I'm so happy for you for staying so strong, for holding your head high, and for taking good care of yourself and your daughter!


  2. Shelly Says:

    I would have such a hard time being away from my kids, I admire your strength. I totally get that kids change so much and so fast. It really scares me!

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