Yup, I am officially enrolled in college. I start next week. I am taking medical billing and coding courses. The college is a private college and mostly a career oriented college. They do offer associate degrees, but mostly diploma's in certain areas of study. I should be done with my major in about 9 months. The school also helps with placement in the work force after graduation. They placed 90% of their students last year. So this is what is ahead for me.

I have almost closed a deal with making custom hemp items for a customer. I will be making custom design to add to his products. I am excited about this adventure as well. I have been working on his custom request for a few weeks now. I hope it takes off!!

Got the fireplace going again tonight. Cold front has come through again. Low's in the 40's tonight and highs in the 60's this week.

So that is what is new here!


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