Is mismash a word? Oh well if it isn't I am using it anyway!
News from around here:
Tailor starts school in two weeks. Going to get her school supplies today. Need to go shopping for her school clothes as she needs a whole new wardrobe. She has outgrown everything!!!!!

I am getting involved in an open air market come this winter. Had a meeting saturday about it, and I am really excited to be a part of it. I will be selling my macrame stuff every saturday from Oct to April! I think it will great fun. I have met some of the vendors already and they seem like really cool people!!

I was contacted by a girl in college wanting to buy some of my jewelry wholesale for a fundraiser she will be doing for her soroity (sp??) come this fall!! That was really exciting for me as well. She will be contacting me in early fall for that.

I have also joined an online womens netoworking group who are taking their first buisness networking cruise next June...leaving from ft lauderdale going to the bahamas!! and I am going!!! I love living in Florida!! So that is also something I am looking forward to.

Lets see what else??!! Ummmm, I think that is about it for now. Lots of stuff coming up and hopefully it will be a good few months here soon.

Thanks for coming to visit!!

3 Responses to "Mismash of Stuff"

  1. Kat Says:

    wow school already.... is she excited?

    A cruise yippee!!! and how fun the market life will be!! Good for you hun, again so proud of ya!!!

  2. ChaCha Says:

    It only gets worse from here outgrowing clothes, you'll be buying clothes every 4 months.

    I read the 200 post blog on Dannis, she said she saw it on Tinas. It wasn't until I got to Tinas that she said it was from your blog. Sorry

  3. Silver Feather Says:

    Good for you Kristy. Good luck with the oopen air market, and I am jealous about the cruise.

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