I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday's Wordless Wednesday!! I am definitely slipping!! Old age, gotta love it.

My 4th was good. Got some jewelry made. Tailor played with the neighbor girl late afternoon. Kevin worked on back filling the pool and then we went to the neighbors house for fireworks. The whole neighborhood was lit up. Various homeowners setting off fireworks. Everywhere you looked. It was really neat. Of course we were up til midnight or after with all the fireworks STILL going off.

Tailor starts school in a month. That's right, August 8th to be exact. Have to start gathering school suppies soon.

Well since I didn't post a pic yesterday, I will post it today!! Another beautiful sunset outside my door!!

2 Responses to "Its Thursday????"

  1. ChaCha Says:

    what a beautiful picture

  2. Kat Says:

    what a beautiful site to see thanks for sharing

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