12:11 PM

What a whirlwind week for me!! I can't believe it is friday already. The begining of July, the middle of the year, where does the time go????? Tailor starts school in a month. (thank goodness) she is driving me nuts!!! Just came in from swimming for an hour and half with her, and that wasn't long enough nor was it fun she said!! Hum.

Got up to 100 here yesterday, no wonder it was hot and stuffy in the house. Going to work on the lawn this weekend, and the backyard. Looks like a forest almost back there. Got to enjoy my new space for ME last night, after getting another jewelry order. It was nice, although got interrupted 3 times!!! Ahh well.

Dad is doing well. Stable and blood pressure coming down. Dr told him to drink more water, which he doesn't drink any, but I got him some bottled water today in hopes he will drink it.

Well that's about it for around here.

2 Responses to "TGIF"

  1. Kat Says:

    glad things are going good for you and nope never seems long enough or fun enough in the pool eh lol

  2. Undercover Angel Says:

    Summer holidays just started yesterday here. My fun and chaos in the sun is only just beginning...

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