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This is what we got done last week. The pool is starting to get filled with water. I don't have an updated pic of the pool as of today, but the top rails are on now and the water is 1/2 full.
Kevin put the cement pad in today for the pump and torn more of the deck down to backfill near the porch. Next step he has to do is build a wall around where the pump will be so that the sand doesn't cave in onto it, it is below ground level. Then he will have to put the filter together, run the wiring, hook the pump up to filter/pool. Then we have to finish filling it, shock the pool then vaccuum.
Ok, maybe that isn't the correct order of things, but still much to do. Doubtful he will be done this weekend, but it is getting close :)
That's the pool update

2 Responses to "Pool Update"

  1. ChaCha Says:

    I'll start saving for a plane ticket!!!

  2. Kat Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pic of the pool, it looks fanastic!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished look deck and all!!

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