2:59 PM

Oh what a blue day today. Raining here again, TS Alberto brought the clouds and rain to sw florida. Looks like North Florida will get hit with this one.
The rain did stop here about one, T was out swimming in the pool the last two hours. But still... Cloudy. Blah. Humid. and just a good day for sleeping!!!!

I haven't done a thing today again. Well, i shouldn't say that . I did take T to walmart this morning and let her spend her money her grandma gave her for her kindergarden graduation. I also did more crochet, tried to make another hemp necklace, but got it half done and got bored doing it, so I quit that. If the water was a bit warmer I would have jumped in the pool, but it is just too cold for me. The rain and lack of sunshine cooled it off a bit.

I got 2 pool floats, a bead holder and a great smelling candle for my bday. The candle is strawberry scented! The one pool float has arms and a cup holder, can't wait to try that baby out!!

So...a blah monday for me. Tomorrow Tailor is off to a friends house to play, and I have the day alone!!! Yeah.


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