Finally, there is sunshine today!!! Talk about a mood lifter. Well, maybe. I didn't get much sleep last night, so I am drowsy and tired, so not sure what kind of mood i am in yet lol.

I think mom is going to rebuild her house. The lived 1 mile from the beach, and sat 17 ft up on stilts, and..well you can see the pic of what's left. It will be a couple years before they will be able to rebuild, I don't think they have water/sewer back up where they live. Not sure tho. Just one story amoung thousands.

I can't believe it is the middle of june already. Half of the year..gone already. Time is flying by.

Am off to see what this day will bring


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  1. Silver Feather Says:

    could you be kind enough to send the sunshine this way, lol. And I noticed that you were up really early today. Go out and enjoy the sun while it lasts.

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