12:26 PM

Ahhh, i am extremely frustrated this week. I have been trying to set up a buisness blog on wordpress since november, lol, and i just can't seem to find the right theme/setup that i want!!! Plus i am get too frustrated when i try to learn to make my own theme, that i give up. I have spent hours upon hours working on my site and blog and it seems to get me no where!!! I need a different shopping cart on my site, i need new designs that i can't make because i don't have the supplies to make them, i need, i need, i need!!! UUGGGH. I have had a mental block on the site/blog all week, and today thought i would work on it, i have spent ALL day researching, reading, learning and now i have a headache and NO headway on ANYTHING.
I give up.

2 Responses to "Venting"

  1. ChaCha Says:

    oh hun just breathe,ddep breath in and hold. email me, maybe I can help you

  2. ChaCha Says:

    and don't forget to exhale too lol

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