6:32 AM

Darn it, what a long week!!!!! The dr appt went very well, dad was impressed with this dr. he was very good. The aide came yesterday and gave him a shower. The OT lady will be here today. I will be glad when tomorrow comes, cuz i have absouletly nothing to do. WEll, that isn't the truth, going to work on the pool, but that doesn't count lol.

Tailor has two weeks of school left. She is ready for it to be done for the summer. She says she can't wait til 1st grade!

I taught myself to crochet this past week in the little downtime i had. I think i will like it. It seems relaxing.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Silver Feather Says:

    good for you for teaching yourself to crochet. I taught myself too. And I started out with making dishcloths. I enjoy it as a relaxation tool in the evenings once everyone is down for the night.

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