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IS it OVER yet??? Today is the first day of Tailors summer break, and already i have a headache. I am watching the neighbor's little girl, tailors friend, today while her mom works, and all i have heard is giggling, running through the house and I'M hungry. 10 am and they wanted lunch !?!??! So i offered a snack...apples, grapes, toast, crackers...nope nothing i suggested was good enough..they wanted MCDonalds??!! I said no way, it is 10 am. So got them an apple to hold them off til lunch time.

Off to get lunch at McD's and nothing but giggle, giggle, chatter, chatter, giggle, loud laughs....it was a long ride to McD's !!

Was I like this at 6 yrs old? Oh wait a minute...nope, we lived in the country and never had friends over. Only when i was in upper middle school did i have the occasional friend stay the night on friday night after school.

So in they come from playing in the sprinkler, i hang their clothes up and comb their hair and put pony tails back in, and then it is " We want a snack!" So grapes is the choose of snack. Whew that was easy!!

The neighbor gets home around 4, and she said they can come over to her house to play then. Whew...come on 4!!!

I am not bitching, but this is the first day of summer...and i keep wondering is it August yet??

All in all, i am so glad Tailor has a friend to play with, she is such a cutie. I guess I am just not use to the girls playing together.

Happy Memorial Weekend!

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  1. Kat Says:

    What an awesome mom you are kristy, you are making life long happy memories for her!! And how lucky to have a little girl that lives just next door!!

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