7:48 AM

Well we worked on the pool yesterday. Here it is after we got the walls down. Anyone for a swim? lol. Might get a mouth full of sand :)
Next on the list to get done is to take apart part of the deck. Beings we are lowing the pool in the ground a few feet the deck will be too high, so have to rebuild it too. Then we will get a backhoe and dig the hole for the pool and set it back up again.
Rolling the side of the pool up was a bitch!!! I dread setting it back up !! But it will be so nice once its done.


2 Responses to "Pool Update"

  1. ChaCha Says:

    oooohhh its going to look awesome

  2. Hogly Says:

    Looks like a large Pig landed in the pool, draining the water and collapsing the sides.
    Silly Pig, Pools are for kids! :@)

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