6:58 AM

What a long week this has been for me. T got ill last night and was up all night. Why is it that kids always seem to get ill in the middle of the night?? Why not in the afternoon or early evening? Uggh, ended up going to walmart at midnight to get some motrin for her. So i am tired today and grouchy too. Need to get this house cleaned up today. Going to be a busy weekend.
Tomorrow the home health aid will be here to get dad showered. Kev will be digging the hole for the pool tomorrow. Monday the social worker and phych nurse will be coming. Tues i have a meeting with tailors speech teacher. Whew...busy busy.
Happy Weekend!!


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  1. Silver Feather Says:

    sounds like you got all sorts of help now for your dad. I am glad, it is a hard job for only one person to take on.

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