I am having so much trouble keeping up with my blogs lately. So much to do so little time.

My mini vacation was great. We arrived by boat on friday evening and got settled in. We were so tired from the running around earlier in the day we didn't have the energy to do anything. So we sat outside and watched the birds, ducks and boats go by. Ate dinner, and was asleep by 9.

Saturday was a beautiful day out. We took a walk around the island and checked out the wildlife and the calmness and peacefulness of it all. Got lots of sunshine, fresh air and exercise. By 1 there were three boat loads of people that came for lunch. So we people watched and drank mixed drinks for a couple of hours. Eventually we ended up taking a nap in the afternoon!
Got up and all the tourist were gone, and it was once again quiet and peaceful. Sat at the bar for a while and just lounged around. Felt so good not to have to be anywhere, do anything, hear any "mom" "mom" "mama come here" kinda stuff!!

Alas, sunday was here and we got ready to leave the island. First thought was..."back to the real world" First words from tailor were "mama!!!" She was glad to see me, but had a great time at the beach with her dad.

That was my mini vacation. Didn't last long enough, but do they ever?

P.S. the pic is the sunset on saturday night

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