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well i think i may have found a job i will enjoy. It is doing data entry for a transportation company. Hours are good, and pay/benefits aren't bad.
Finding a sitter is tough though. Daycare is the way i will have to go for now i guess. I am not really keen on the idea that she will be riding the bus to/from school to the daycare center, but what to do? It seems this county has a bad rap for the bus situation. And i have heard so many horror stories, it terrifies me. I, myself, rode a school bus from Kindergarden til i was 16. an hour to school, and hour after school. I am not sure why i am not trusting this bus district. Maybe because last year there were tons of school bus accidents. One bus laying on its side in the middle of the road? Or maybe the scene on one bus where one kid was beating up another in the back of a bus that i was following?? Or maybe the one bus driver that left a small child on a bus?? Never heard these sort of stories from the small town i was from.
On the up side, tailor is sooo excited about getting to ride the bus. I guess only time will tell how it will go.

I am still not very happy about it. But what can ya do?

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