6:11 AM

Am tired this morning. I slept good, but not enough sleep.
Went and seen star wars III last night. Alot of questions answered, things tied together and made sense. but also left me with more questions as well. Good movie tho.

Things that i am hoping to accomplish this week: find my creativity, to make more jewelry. need to make up buisness cards, work on my cross stitch to get it finished, start on organizing my daughters room, and organize my filing cabinet. May not seem like alot on a list of accomplishments, but for a person who suffers major depression, getting out of bed in the morning is an accomplishment. I thought if i wrote a list i would be more apt to follow it, and not get distracted and forget during the week. My mind wonders alot, and sometimes gets cloudy, even with medication. so heres to a new week, a new plan and hopefully new results.

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