Am alone again today, kevin is back at work and here i sit..

talked to Tailor last night, she was visiting my mom and spending the night. She really didnt' have too much to say, as i interrupted their card game lol. Mom told me they hooked up the sprinkler and she played in that for about an hour, she helped mom water her flowers and do alittle yard work. Mom told me that she was going to go take her to get her hair cut, and i said NO! tailor's hair is past her shoulder length and mom wanted it short. I had a dream last night, that i seen tailor and her hair was cut a pixie style lmao!!
As for me today, i have started laundry, and have already done some cross stitch. I may jump in the pool later and i want to get another piece of jewely done.

I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog! Those who have clicked on my google ads, i thank you also.

peace out for now

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