an update on my daughter. About an hour ago they were just entering Altanta. Only 380 more miles for them to reach the destination.
When i would drive from illinois to florida, i loved going through atlanta. I would make sure i would go through there in the middle of the night, and not take any bypasses around, and go straight through on rt 75! Such a beautiful drive! I love the city lights.
I wouldnt' drive through there during the day tho..nope noway nohow!! too much traffic.

anyhow..her travels are going well today, thank goodness. My b/f says she is being well behaved and kept asking him, are we still in georgia? lol. that is a LONG state to drive through.
As for me, i am watching Star Wars II. took a break to run out in the rain, and get the mail. Did someone forget to turn the water off?? How much more rain do we need anyhow??? My pool is already over flowing ugggggggggggh
ok, off to star wars land

2 Responses to "my traveling daughter"

  1. Ariel Says:

    On the subject of incessant rain: I got rained out of my summer yardwork job today. Rain is one of my favorite things, regardless.

  2. Guppyman Says:

    Michele says Howdy!

    I just now got enough of a break from rain to mow. Yeah!

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