3:00 PM

I am officially ALONE (well with the exception of my dad) for 3 days!! Kevin has left with T to head to illinois. Boy is it quiet here!!!!!!
I finished reading my book, and am starting a new one.
A friend of mine, brought over the star wars movies(ep 1 and 2) for me to watch, so that i can be caught up with the real world and go see eposide III at the theater while t is gone for a month! So i will have that to do the next day or so.
Got my laundry caught up, the floors washed and now i am set for a relaxing couple of days.

Got another anklet made today too!!!! Posted under this one :) i should be able to get a lot made during this month!! yep, i am plugging my site here, why not??? LOL.

well off to spend a quiet evening to myself :)
have a great nite
til tomorrow***

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  1. Kate Says:

    I surfed into you via blog explosion and just thought I'd say hello.
    Enjoy your peaceful evening alone; God knows we don’t get enough of them :)

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