7:28 AM

Happy Flag day today.

I am going to try to be upbeat today and not get so down like i did yesterday.
Was suppose to take dad to the dr today but he is refusing to go...so i guess he isn't going.

Need to go to the library today to return some books and get some more. I just finished reading Behind The Lines by Andrew Carroll...great book. American and Forgeign War Letters, that he went around the world searching for. There are letters from the Revolutionary war to the war in Iraq. Just amazing.

Speaking of soldiers...there is a website, anysoldier where you can go help our soldiers out!! Even if it is just a letter to show them your support!!!!!!!!!!! Or if you can send more, they are in need of small items as well
I have 'adopted' a couple of people on there and have sent letters. Please go check out the website...

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